Customized Japanese learning content, created just for you!

Tailor to your specific needs and interests so you can learn Japanese effectively and efficiently.

Aligning your needs

✔ Increasing your Motivation

✔ Building your Confidence

Learning Japanese is tough.

When you face barriers in learning, you easily get overwhelmed and lose confidence in your abilities. And you started to wonder if you have the potential to reach your goals when you are struggling to keep up.

Can we help you worry less? The truth is that learning Japanese is challenging and overwhelming. It is completely normal to feel stuck. It doesn't mean you lack of potential. And you are not alone.

You need the right learning materials aligned with your goals. 

As language instructors and learning experience designers, we have worked with hundreds of learners like you, from individuals with personal interests to companies needing employee training. We know how important it is to provide customized learning materials that cater to your needs.  

Our customized learning content provides efficient learning experiences to study without unnecessary stress. We support you on your journey to success in learning Japanese. 

Create your customized learning materials!

For Personal Usage

We provide custom learning materials that cater to your learning style, strengths, weaknesses, and interests. Whether you want to learn Japanese for academic or personal reasons, we can help you create custom learning materials tailored to your needs and goals. You can achieve your language learning goals effectively!

For Employee Training

We offer a customized training materials creation service for companies with employees who need to improve their Japanese language skills. We specialize in learning experience design. We create custom training materials tailored to your company's and employees' needs.

Do you need Online Lessons, instead?

Do you prefer learning with a Japanese language instructor? 

Our private online lesson is designed for adults who are completely beginner to intermediate level. Absolutely, beginner-friendly, so there's no need to worry your level.

Book your first online private Japanese class today and learn from a friendly and professional teacher.


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