Direct feedback is a powerful tool!

with native tutors



Benefits of Private Lessons

✔ Work at your pace

✔ Receive individualized attention

✔ Learn faster with private lessons

✔ Teachers will spot potential problems and give specific feedback

✔ Maximized student talk time

✔ No interruptions or distractions from other students

For Adults

Learn Japanese online with live Japanese-speaking teachers. Lessons are just like being in a real classroom, but you’ll be learning from your home or office.


You can learn authentic Japanese and get feedback right away. One-on-One live lessons are the most effective way to acquire a second language.

By focusing on each student's level, interests, and goals, private lessons can dramatically improve your ability as a competent second language learner.

Open Communication

Communication is one of the essential keys to improving your skills and achieving your goals.

Your purpose can shift at any time in your situation. Therefore, talking about your position, plans, and decisions is crucial to provide a learner-centered environment all the time.

You are welcome to converse with me at any time. Based on your target, we can create your learning map together.

Let's talk and find the best way for you! 



For adult learners who have never studied Japanese before, to those who are making a transition to the intermediate level.



For adult learners who have some experience but could benefit from some review. Great for those seeking to achieve a greater degree of fluency. 



Customized lessons for students on demand. You can focus on a specific topic that you would like to study.  Ex) Japanese used in work-related situations, Japanese for parenting, the Kansai dialect etc.

What Other Learners Are Saying

After helping pinpoint my level and needs they helped choose the best text for me. The lessons are really well organized and there is a specific lesson target to help make measurable progress. The instructor is well prepared and uses both popular textbooks as well as the schools fantastic customized materials to better demonstrate key grammar patterns, which was essential for me. The lessons are varied to keep them interesting with a great mix of textbook and talking according to what your wants and needs. I lived in Japan for several years and actually learned more in these lessons than any lessons I went to while actually living there, seriously!

Makiko-san is an exceptionally skilled teacher. She is extremely smart and knows exactly what grammar points to focus in on. I look forward to my first round of homework from her, and to our next class​.

I did my best to study Japanese on my own for quite some time, but it was only after I started taking classes with Makiko-Sensei that it really started taking off. There's nothing like conversation and instruction with a patient, attentive teacher to help you learn a second language. My intention is to travel to Japan, and thanks to her I feel that I will truly be able to speak comfortably to people once I get there. I couldn't recommend Makiko-Sensei enough!


More About JAPASABI's Online Private Japanese Lesson

Lessons for adult learners range from those who have never studied Japanese before, to those who are intermediate-level students.

Lessons in Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji, and Romanized characters, depending on the interest and level of students.

As with any effective language learning program, we use some basic, positive learning principles:  Focusing on real conversations and encouraging high student talking time, is conducive to speech development and increased confidence.

We aim to make an atmosphere where students can speak comfortably and freely in lessons.


We provide the opportunity to start with a trial lesson at 50% off!

The trial lesson is intended to be an "introductory" lesson for first-time students. This allows students to meet a tutor, test webcams, audio, and internet connections.