Survival Japanese


About this Course


This course, "Hit the ground running" survival Japanese - emergency situations, introduces learners to vocabulary or common phrases to help them in emergencies or other incidents. The course is fundamental and suitable for travelers, as well as beginners / Intermediate level Japanese learners.


After completing the course, you will be able to:


1. Memorize fundamental Japanese vocabulary that may use at the drugstore, clinic/hospital, and police box during traveling. 

2. identify the basic common phrases at the drugstore, clinic/hospital, and police box while exploring Japan. 

3. Apply the learned vocabulary into the common phrases to extend the usage.


Outline - What you will study from this course

Topic 1 Drugstore

Learn how to ask questions about the products you are looking for at the drugstore.


Topic 2 Clinic/Hospital

Practice describing the basic symptoms you feel to a doctor.


Topic 3 Police Box

Study the way of explaining to the police your situation using simple phrases. 

Summary Quiz

This course is a self-studying course so you can study at your own pace.