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S.J. conveniencestore and Supermarket co


While you are staying in Japan, you might have an opportunity to go a convenience store, since there are a significant number of them in Japan. You can purchase food and drinks, of course. You can also buy everyday products such as batteries, shampoo etc. Many convenience stores have an ATM and a bathroom. Medicine is not available at convenience stores., if you need them you should go to a pharmacy. 

In this course you are going to learn some basic expressions and vocabulary that you might hear or use in convenience stores and supermarkets.

The following is a list of what you will learn in this book: 

  • Number

  • Vocabulary 

  • Common phrases / Q&A 

This course is a self-studying course so you can study at your own pace. 

Tips for Convenience store /Supermarket in Japan

①Store Clerks at Japanese stores will usually say “irasshaimase’’ as greeting which means ‘welcome to our store’. You may feel that it is a bit loud or aggressive. But they are just saying a greeting and usually the store manager will train them say it loudly. What should we say as a response? Actually, there is no word to respond to the greeting. Smiling is good enough.



②Japan has a heavy ‘’Point culture”, some of the points are quite good. But if you are a visitor you may not have the point card or don’t want to have a point card. You may hear them say ‘’Pointo-Kaado….. Ka?’’ that usually means do you have a point card or do you want to make one, so you can say “iie, daijobu desu” which means ‘No, I am okay. / No, thank you.’’



③ Some Japanese supermarkets will charge you for plastic bags. Convenience stores usually won't charge.


Survival Japanese

② The convenience store/supermarket