Improve Your Japanese Listening Skill with Those Websites - Audio Books 🎧

My students always ask me, “Where can I find content that will take my listening and reading skills from genin(下忍) to hokage(火影)?”

When it comes to learning Japanese, it is always better to have a variety of resources and study materials.

Let me introduce 朗読(ろうどく)websites.

朗読(ろうどく) means “Read Aloud.” The resources on these sites are available in audio format, so you can use them as audiobooks!

Without further ado, here are 4 free websites that you can use to improve your Japanese listening and reading skills.

青空朗読 (あおぞらろうどく)

Aozora Roudoku

This site offers more than 300 books available. You can search for books by genre. The following link takes you directly to the search page.

小説(しょうせつ) Shousetsu:Novel

童話(どうわ)Douwa:Fairy tail/Children book

随筆(ずいひつ)Zuihitsu :Essay

論説(ろんせつ)Ronsetsu :Article/Editorial

詩(し)Shi :Poetry

その他 (そのた)Sonota: Others

朗読図書館 (ろうどくとしょかん)

Roudoku toshokan




Koe de yomu meisakubon