15 Useful phrases in a Japanese classroom

15 useful phrases in a Japanese classroom

Do you understand what your teacher is saying in your Japanese class? Or do you feel overwhelmed by your teacher's instructions in Japanese?

In some classes, teachers instruct only in Japanese. For very beginners, I bet the lecture is challenging. Not understanding the teacher's expectations makes students uneasy in any class. So if you are in the situation, don't worry. You are not alone!

You can learn "common basic Japanese phrases in a classroom" here. It will help you understand what your teacher is saying. Furthermore, you can interact with your classmates in Japanese, as well.

So, let's go through some words and questions you can use in a Japanese class.





​kiite kudasai

Please listen


​mite kudasai

​Please look


​yonde kudasai

​Please read


itte kudasai

Please say


​kaite kudasai

​Please write


​... peeji wo akete kudasai

Please open your book to page ...


​matte kudasai

​Please wait



Did you understand?



​I understood



​I don't understand

​ゆっくり いってください

yukkuri itte kudasai

​Please say it slowly

​もういちど いってください

mouichido itte kudasai

​Please say it again

​もうすこし れんしゅうしたいです

mousukoshi renshuu shitaidesu

​I want to practice little bit more

Xは にほんごで なんですか?

X wa nihongo de nandesuka?

How can I say X in Japanese?

しつもんが あります

shitsumon ga arimasu

​I have a question

Jaa, Mata!