10 ways to greet in Japanese (Polite/Casual way) 💬

If you’ve ever seen the Karate Kid or happened to see a clip of a Japanese press conference while surfing the net, you may have seen people bowing.

The ‘ojigi’, (bowing), is a well-known greeting gesture. The ‘ojigi’ is common in business and formal settings.

But…depending on the situation, Japanese people sometimes use other ways to greet each other.

If people know each other well, they may use different greetings.

‘Konnichiwa!’ - (Hello), ‘Konnichiwa! Genki?’ (Hey! How are you?), ‘Genki? Saikin dou?’ (How are you? How have you been?) are all greetings that I use.

Although some Japanese people tend to use the same greetings over and over again, if you want to level up in Japanese, you need to know how to greet people in various ways.

Check out the videos and materials below and get familiar with 10 greetings that you can use today.

10 ways to greet in Japanese (Polite way)

10 ways to greet in Japanese (Casual way)