JAPASABI's Online Private Japanese Classes are ...

For Adults

Classes for adult learners range from those who have never studied Japanese before, to those who are intermediate-level students.

Japanese private lesson

Private Classes

You can learn authentic Japanese and get feedback right away. Private classes are the most effective way to acquire a second language.

Communication is one of the essential keys to improving your Japanese skills and achieving your goals.


You are welcome to converse with your teacher at any time. Based on your target, we can create your learning path together.

Open Communication

First time studying Japanese?

Don't worry!

To start learning Japanese, you don't need to worry about your current level and age.

Everybody starts from zero! All that matters is taking the first step. 

Get JAPASABI's free study resources and try them out!
Or you can book your first online private Japanese class to take the first step with an experienced teacher.

What Other Learners Are Saying

"The lessons are really well organized and there is a specific lesson target to help make measurable progress. The instructor is well prepared and uses fantastic customized materials to better demonstrate key grammar patterns, which was essential for me. The lessons are varied to keep them interesting with a great mix of materials and talking according to what your wants and needs.

I lived in Japan for several years and actually learned more in these lessons than any lessons I went to while actually living there, seriously!"