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In this lesson, you will learn Katakana letters with dots and circle.

Katakana dots and circle image.png

Just like Hiragana, adding dots and circle make pronunciation change. For example, if you add dots to the letter カ(ka), it will be ガ(ga). If you add a circle to the letter ハ(ha), it will be パ(pa).    

Guide to studying Katakana in this lesson

1. Watch "Katakana dots and circle Video (with Hiragana)" and practice pronunciation of each letter.

2. After you feel comfortable reading them, Let's write each letter with the "Katakana ra-n stroke order video (with Hiragana)". 

* Printable Flashcards are available. If you have a printer, print them out and use for your studying. 

If you don't have a printer, please go to this link and use online flashcards 

3. Are you able to write and read those 10 letters comfortably? If so it is time to try "Katakana dots and circle practice sheet"! 

4. Let's check your answer and see your result. If you are satisfied your result, you can move to Lesson 7. If you are not, I recommend reviewing this lesson again.

Katakana practice sheet Dots & Circle Answer