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Free Online "Katakana - Japanese Letters" Course

This course is for students who have already studied Hiragana Alphabets. If you haven‘t studied Hiragana yet, you can take my “Hiragana Japanese letters” course first. Katakana also has 46 alphabets, like Hiragana. Largely, the learners tend to feel taking more time to learn katakana compare to Hiragana. you may need a little bit more efforts than Hiragana but again, this course is a completely self-paced course. So you don’t need to feel unnecessary pressure. you can focus on mastering Katakana.



Getting some ideas of Katakana is a purpose of this course. What you need in this course is a passion for studying Katakana! As I mentioned before, learning Katakana tend to take more time compare to Hiragana studying. However, since you have mastered Hiragana if you don't forget about needing efforts, you will master Katakana, as well. Basically, all you need is to be able to access the internet. However, I suggest having a notebook and a pen for handwriting practice.


I hope you will enjoy this course.