LESSON 7 Kya - Pyo

This lesson will teach you about small ya/yu/yo.  

Small ya yu yo.jpg

Small ya/yu/yo are written by the quarter size.  If small ya/yu/yo come after certain letters, the pronunciation will be change. For example, if you add a small ya (ゃ) to the letter き(ki), it will be きゃ(kya).  

きや  VS  きゃ

The first one きや will be "kiya" because both letters are a big size.

The second one きゃ will be "kya" because the second letter is small ゃ(ya). 

Guide to studying Hiragana in this lesson

1. Watch the "Hiragana small ya/yu/yo Video (with Romanized)" and practice the pronunciation of each letter.

     * Printable Flashcards are available. If you have a printer, print them out and use them for your studying. 

2. Are you able to write and read those letters comfortably? If so it is time to try the Hiragana Japanese letters eBook. 

3. Let's check your answer and see your result. If you are satisfied with your result, you completed this Hiragana - Japanese letter course. If you are not, I recommend reviewing this lesson again.