Very Beginner Level Japanese

Intermediate Level Japanese

Instructor: Makiko Obata

Each Lesson Length: 45min.

Each Lesson fee : 20.00USD

My lessons for adult learners ranging from those who have never studied Japanese before, to those who are intermediate level students. I offer lessons in Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji, and Romanized characters, depending on the interest and level of students.

As with any effective language learning program, I use some basic, positive learning principles:

I focus on real conversations and encourage high student talking time, which is conducive to speech development and increased confidence. I aim to make an atmosphere where students can speak comfortably and freely in lessons.


  • General conversation

  • Listening and Speaking

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Grammar

  • Exam Preparation Skill (N3/N4/N5)


Examples of textbook that I have been using are

  • Genki I & II

  • Intermediate Japanese

  • Nihogo Break through

  • Nihongo through newspaper articles

  • Nihongo koredake and more

  • Nihongo namachuukei

  • Various Exam preparation textbooks etc.


*I usually use textbooks that I recommend or that students request. Depending on students' levels and goals I use some materials from websites, books et cetera. which suit their levels alongside a textbook. Also, with some students, I use only materials from websites, books et cetera. If you have any request, please let me know in your trial lesson.



➊ Homework

If students have time to study extra Japanese I give them homework each week. They can hand in it before the next scheduled lesson and I do corrections and return it to them/. Of course, I will give an explanation if there is a mistake. Homework supports the quicker improvement of my student's Japanese learning.

➋ Flashcards

Studying takes time and needs effort, and every student is trying their best to achieve their goal. I hope all my students study the Japanese language efficiently and reach their goal. I support my student sharing flashcards and quiz of new vocabulary that they studied in the lesson.